Dental Problems

Diet and Dental Health: Eat Right for your Dental Health

Diet and Dental HealthWhat we eat significantly influences our dental health and overall health. A major cause of dental problems is directly related to wrong eating habits such as excess intake of sugars, cold drinks, sports drinks etc. This article explains in brief about diet and dental health.

Diet and Dental Health

How Wrong Eating Habits Give Rise to Dental Problems?

It is reported that the main cause of dental cavities is the breakdown of refined sugars by bacteria. This leads to acid formation in the mouth which then starts dissolving teeth enamel. Dissolution of teeth enamel leads to serious dental problems.

It is also reported that excess intake of sugars is the major cause of plague formation in the mouth which is another cause that too leads to risky dental problems.

How to Prevent Dental Problems caused by your Wrong Eating Habits?

Here are some simple measures suggested for you to eat right for your dental health that directly influence your over all health too.

  • Take sugary foods with meals that have less damaging effects on your dental health because increased levels of saliva flow during meals helps to wash the sugars away. Also it is common that people generally brush after meals and it too helps sugars to wash away completely. It is wise to give sweets to children with meals.
  • Avoid keeping sugar in your mouth for a long time. Stay away from chewing gums and sucking candies that contain excess sugar.
  • Avoid taking a number of snacks per day. If it is necessary for you, then substitute foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, pretzels, popcorn and cheese that don’t promote dental decay.
  • People always consider sports drinks as energy drinks and consume more, but the truth is that these drinks can cause irreparable damage to our teeth because they contain high acidic levels that rapidly cause teeth erosion. So avoid excess consumption of sports drinks.
  • Drink sports drinks when they are cold and avoid drinking when they are warm that speeds up teeth erosion.
  • Dilute sports drinks with water and drink
  • Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after drinking a sports drink. The acids present in the drink make your teeth softer and immediate brushing causes more dental erosion.
  • Soft drinks too contain acids and lots of sugars that do cause irreversible dental damage. So, avoid too much consumption of these drinks. Be sure not to drink these drinks before bed time.
  • Always use a straw while drinking sports, soft and other drinks. It redirects the drink to your stomach without coming in contact with your teeth.
  • Avoid holding any drink in your mouth.
  • Rinse or floss your teeth immediately after a drink that prevents acids coming in contact with your teeth.
  • Take a balanced diet for a strong dental health. Consume foods rich in Vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B12 that keep your gums, teeth, bones healthy and the soft dental tissue.

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