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Mouthguards for Sports Dental Care

MouthguardMouthguards are especially used by sportsmen to protect their dental health as they are at high risk of dental injuries while playing. A single blow to your mouth or jaw can cause irreparable dental damage. You can easily avoid any type of injury to your teeth or mouth by wearing a mouth guard while taking part in sports and games.

The International Academy for Sports Dentistry defines ‘Sports Dentistry’as the prevention and treatment of orofacial athletic injuries related to dental health, dissemination of dental athletic injury information and encouraging research for prevention of these injuries

What is a Mouthguard?

It is a specially designed rubber like flexible appliance that completely covers and fits your teeth, gums and other areas in and around the mouth when worn to protect them from sports injuries.

Why you need to wear a Mouthguard?

It is important that you wear a professionally made mouthguard while playing strenuous sports that carries a significant risk of dental injury such as cricket, football, rugby, hockey, basketball, soccer, martial arts, wrestling, boxing and recreational sports such as bicycling and skateboarding.

Beside sports person, general people, if they feel a sport is strenuous, can cause dental injuries, chances of contact with other participants or hard surfaces are more are needed to use this.

How you can Take Care of your Mouthguard?

  • For cleaning your mouthguard use antibacterial soap and warm water
  • Soak it disinfecting mouthwash before storing
  • Store it in a well ventilated plastic storage box. Avoid storing it in a moist setting that encourages bacterial growth.
  • Don’t leave it in direct sunlight
  • Never bend it while storing
  • Never use others mouthguard
  • Talk to your dentist, if you face any problems with it.

You can get different types of mouthguards depending on their price, quality, cost and comfort, but it wise if you use a custom made one i.e. a mouthguard made by your dentist that exactly fits your mouth and ensures safety. Depending on your age and growth you need to change your mouthguard.

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