Dental Problems

White Tongue

White TongueA White Tongue is usually a temporary condition and does not cause any harm. It is caused due to inflammation of papillae (the tiny projections on the tongue) on the surface of the tongue.

In Chinese Medicine changes in tongue colors is a tool to identify many diseases. Whiteness of the tongue indicates the presence of bacteria somewhere in the body and pronged whiteness refers to some chronic disease in the body according to Chinese Medicine.

Causes of White Tongue

  • Smoking
  • Mild dehydration
  • Oral Candidiasis-It is a yeast infection in the mouth and throat caused by the fungus ‘Candida Albicans.’This condition is also known as ‘Thrush.’
  • Leukoplakia-It is a disorder of  mucous membrane characterized by one or more white patches occurring most commonly on cheeks, tongue, vulva and penis. It is often medically insignificant but sometimes becomes malignant.
  • Keratosis pharyngis – white lumps on the tonsils
  • Excessive mouth breathing

How can you prevent the Appearance of a White Tongue?

  • Drink a lot of water
  • If the cause is smoking, quitting smoking helps the condition.
  • Include fiber food in your diet
  • Maintain your oral and dental hygiene


If the condition stays for many days, contact your dentist immediately because it may occur due to some other problems.

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