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Stress and Gum Diseases

Stress and Gum Disease“Stress is strongly associated with periodontal diseases/Gum diseases”, reports a Brazilian review. Source Stress and gum disease are strongly linked.

Stress and Gum Diseases

Daiane Peruzzo, lead author of the study and her team reviewed 14 studies that published in dental journals in between 1990 to 2006. 57 percent of the studies included in the review showed a positive relationship between all the psychological factors such as stress, distress, depression, anxiety and loneliness and gum diseases.

Daiane Peruzzo, said in a press release that, More research is needed to determine the definitive relationship between stress and periodontal diseases. However, patients who minimize stress may be at less risk for periodontal diseases.”

Researchers of the study said that a hormone known as cortisol releases into the bloodstream during the times of stress which may cause damage to gum and jaw bones. This action ultimately leads to gum disease.

People with high levels of stress inclined to bad habits such smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. Smoking is one of the major risk factors of gum diseases. Dr. Preston D. Miller, President of American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), said in a press release that:

“Individuals with high stress levels tend to increase their bad habits, which can be harmful to periodontal health.”

“Patients should seek healthy ways to relieve stress through exercise, balanced eating, plenty of sleep and maintaining a positive mental attitude.”

Stress is not only related to gum diseases, it can easily affect your over all health and on the other hand gum diseases are linked to heart diseases and pancreatic cancer. So it is important that you take necessary steps to manage and improve your stress as well as maintain a healthy oral hygiene.

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