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How often you Need to Visit a Dentist for a Regular Check Up and Cleaning?

when to visit a dentistMost people don’t visit dentists till a dental problem becomes severe or uncontrollable and they end up either loosing their teeth or suffering some risky disease. And the truth is that even many people are ignorant about how often they need to check up with their dentists. Here is a brief discussion about it and the health benefits you get by visiting your dentist.

When to visit a dentist:

The standard recommendation to Visit a dentist for a regular check up and cleaning is twice a year i.e. once after six months. This recommendation works fine for most the people.

People with cavities, gum diseases, smoking habits, alcohol and tobacco use, diabetes, weak immune system etc need to visit a dentist frequently. So, it is your dentist who decides when and how many times you need to visit him/her after checking your dental, oral and over all health.

Regular dental check ups are essential to make sure your dental, oral and over all health is okay. Check ups allow your dentist to diagnose problems and take preventive measures accordingly to cure it completely before it develops.

How often you need to take your Child to a Dentist for Check Up?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends dental checkup twice a year and check should begin at the age of one year as they are more prone to dental problems.

Why it is Recommended to Visit a Dentist Twice a Year?

    • Sometimes you may not feel and see some developing oral and dental problems in your mouth which only your dentist can know.
    • Sometimes you may not observe dental decay and it may not cause any pain to you until it reaches an advanced stage.
    • If a problem is predicted early can be prevented easily that may cause other health risks for example gum disease is associated with tongue cancer and heart diseases.
    • To maintain a healthy dental, oral and over all health
      • Damage or deterioration in fillings, bridges, crowns, dentures and other dental restorations
      • Root cavities
      • Decay below the gum line
      • Impacted wisdom teeth
      • Developing gum disease
      • Early signs of oral cancers caused due to oral problems
      • Signs of other problems that can affect your general health

Risky Oral Health Problems your Dentist can only See that you may not See and Feel.

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