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Soft drinks and teeth :Soft Drinks cause Potential Damage to your Teeth

Soft drinks and teethSoft drinks are no more an occasional treat; now people drink them more than the daily their intake of water. This tremendous increase in daily consumption of soda pop has become the main cause of tooth decay, especially in children. Even small one and two year old kids drink pop daily. Dentists and researches opine that daily intake of soft drinks can potentially cause damage to your teeth.

Soft drinks and teeth

How Soft Drinks Cause Dental Damage?

  • Most of the soft drinks are acidic and contain citric and phosphoric acids. These acids can easily erode your teeth enamel resulting in the exposure of dentin-the underlying tooth structure. And this leads to dental problems.
  • Secondly all the soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, typically nine to twelve tablespoons. The pathogens i.e. disease-causing bacteria that cause cavities live by eating sugar. As the sugar is digested by bacteria, more and more acid is produced leading further dissolution of teeth enamel and worsening the condition.

Suggestions to Reduce Tooth Decay caused by Soft Drinks:

  • Occasional intake of a soft drink is not likely to cause dental problem. So the first step you can take regarding this case is avoiding excessive and daily intake of soft drinks.
  • Be sure not to take soft drinks before bed time. If you do so, brush your teeth after drinking.
    Drink through a straw which redirects the drink to your stomach without coming in contact with your teeth.
  • Floss or rinse with water immediately a drink which to some extent prevents exposure of teeth enamel to acid.

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