Dental Problems

Gum Disease Associated with Heart Disease and Strokes

gum disease and heart diseaseGenerally people think that dental problems can only damage oral and dental health but a new study has found a link between gum disease and heart disease, it has found that gum disease such as periodontitis-a condition characterized by inflammation and chronic infection of the gums can cause heart diseases and stroke.

Gum disease and Heart disease

The study was done by University of Michigan. The research was conducted on 400 men. It was found that men with heart diseases had higher levels of the bacteria linked to gum disease than the men without heart diseases.

The study also reported that men who loss bones around the tooth along with gum disease are at greater risk of having strokes.

The disease begins when toxins found in dental plaque slowly damage your tooth structure. This makes the gums to pull away from the teeth creating pockets where plague starts accumulating.

It is important that if you have any type heart problems or strokes do make a dental check up to reduces the chances of heart diseases and vise versa. Follow the basic dental care procedures along with the required visits to your dentist in a year.

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